Alternity - Tides of War

Mission Debriefing - Sin City

Unit – 5166 Bad Luck Brigade

At 0400 our room was infiltrated by the target and his security detail. By the time I was aware of what was happening, he already had Mrs Cidney held as a hostage and Pvt Smith and Lcpl Gallion were being held at gunpoint. Despite the situation, Pvt Smith was able to maintain relative control of the situation through a strong, threatening demeanor, which seemed to put the target on the defensive. Myself and HM3 Diez drew our weapons but given that we were unarmored and outnumbered the target was able to leave the room with Mrs Cidney still in his custody.

Pvt Smith became enraged and it quickly became obvious that he was unfit to complete the mission. He made several remarks about ignoring the mission parameters and murdering the target. He attempted to remove me from the mission and I saw no other option but to relieve him of command. HM3 Diez secured him in a room and we adjusted our plan accordingly. I had to deliver Mrs Cidney’s purse to her so that she would have the drugs available to complete her part of the mission. She seemed especially distraught, but cognitive about what was needed of her. I informed Pvt Chapman of her role in the mission and then proceeded to rendezvous with the targets security detail.

At some point before the rendezvous Pvt Smith managed to escape the room where he was being held and obtained a firearm. I was able to contact him over the communication network and he agreed to assist us in the mission. I was still not able to ensure that he did not have intentions of haring the target, so when Pvt Smith arrived at the rendezvous point, an elevator, I had HM3 Diez and the security detail overpower, unarmed, and handcuff Pvt Smith.

We proceeded to Pvt Chapman’s room where, instantly upon entering, the targets security detail executed a civilian. Shortly after Pvt Chapman was taken into custody, another member of the security detail opened fire upon the civilians. I attempted to physically interfere without using lethal force but was unsuccessful. The situation quickly escalated out of my control. Pvt Chapman was able to neutralize the threat using her psychic powers, but she would beaten badly in the process.

The only member of the security detail who was still alive had Pvt Chapman in his grasp, and so I made the decision to maintain my cover and withdraw from the situation in hopes of minimizing any further casualties. To do so I felt that I had to show that I was equally enraged. I fired a shot at Lcpl Pridista and then quickly ordered the security force to take Pvt Chapman back to the target. I commanded Pvt. Smith and HM3 Diez to return to the room and treat the wounded civilians.

According to reports from PFC Tafadzwa, Mrs Cidney was able to drug the target, rendering him unconscious. PFC Arbourne detonated the improvised explosive device, rendering one guard unconscious. He was forced to arm himself with the downed guards pistol and use it to fight off the last guard. In the process he suffered from a debilitating wound. Despite his wounds he completed the mission. The device was implanted into the target and the infiltration team was able to evacuate the area.

Pvt. Chapman arrived and used her abilities to convince the target to relinquish Mrs Cidney into my custody, at which point Pvt. Chapman and the target proceeded to the egress point where the target was taken into custody.

My actions during this mission endangered team members and resulted in the death and wounding of numerous civilians. I am willing to suffer whatever repercussions are necessary for the decisions I have made but I believe that those decisions were imperative for the mission to be completed successfully. There should have been an active guard schedule to protect our team while we were sleeping to prevent Mrs Cidney from being put into such a dangerous situation. The actions taken by the targets security personnel against the civilians in Pvt. Chapman’s room were unavoidable. I do not believe that Pvt. Smith is unfit for leadership, however on this particular mission, he was unable to make rational decisions with regard to the target. The target should be kept under close protection. His despicable nature make’s it difficult for people to act rationally around him.

Cpl. Pridista



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