Alternity - Tides of War

Mission Debriefing - Pompeii

Unit – 5166 Bad Luck Brigade

Using the vehicle acquired during the apprehension of Arthur Careras, we approached the facility. One of the rear seats was hallowed out to allow enough space for PFC Tafadzwa to hide from sight. We were able to bypass security by acting under the guise of Careras’ body guards bringing in a prisoner, Pvt. Sel Chapman. Once inside of the facility we stayed mounted for as long as we could. Upon dismounting the vehicle, we encountered a second set of guards, who we were also able to coerce compliance out of. Meanwhile PFC Tafadzwa made her way into the facilities ventilation system. On foot we attempted to continue towards the objective, but we continually had difficulties with Careras who was somehow resisting Pvt. Chapman’s influence even with the device in placed to enforce compliance.

We reached the room we assumed would be holding the objective, a prototype power source. It was guarded by two well armed and armored guards. Careras was able to convince them to allow us to enter. Inside we found a young woman. Careras addressed her as Amanda Sheen. Before we could remove the objective from the area, Careras called for the guards to aid him. It was later explained to me by Pvt. Chapman that the room was in some way prohibiting her abilities. In the firefight that ensued myself, and PFC Pridista were badly wounded. The enemy soldiers proved to be incredibly resilient. Mortally wounded, the last of them chose to take his life by activating several fragmentation grenades strapped to his chest. In the confusion, Arthur Careras found himself on top of the enemy soldier. The act was immediately fetal.

I would like to go on record in saying that if someone had not forced Careras on top of that soldier, myself and PFC Pridista would have been killed, along with several other members of the team. I do not think we could have completed the mission if that decision had not been made by whichever soldier made it.

After rendering first aid to the most injured members of the team we used fragmentation grenades to neutralize the second set of guards and rendezvous with PFC Tafadzwa at our vehicle. Quickly exiting the facility we forced through the final guard station and cleared the danger area before detonating the explosives set by Tafadzwa.

To the best of my knowledge the explosives acted as we assumed, destroying the facility entirely. The objective, Amanda Sheen, was cooperative throughout the process, helping to render first aid to wounded members of the team and following directions without resistance. I believe her to have been a captive to the UC.

Cpl. Pridista



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