Alternity - Tides of War

Mission Debrief: The Water Spout

Unit – 5166 Bad Luck Brigade

BLB regulars:
E-3 Exusia
E-3 Robertson
E-3 Arbourne
E-3 Tefadzwa

Adjunct support
E-4 Pridista

Acting Mission commander
E-1 Smith

Fire Team breakdown:
Command: Exusia

Command: Pridista

Mission parameters as follows:
1) Bypass target facility passive defense structure
2) Destroy target facility shield generator
3) Collect high value chemical sample
4) Identify and call orbital fire missions for high value target structures
5) Egress in the Rift Runner at designated rendezvouses point

Mission execution:
Mission start: 2232 hours

Parameter one was accomplished with acquisitioned cable from the Rift Runner by FT-Bravo. Shorting the electric fence with the nearby body of water. We were lucky in that the lake was salt water and thereby conductive.

Parameter two was accomplished by FT-Bravo. Upon site infiltration FT-Bravo reconnoitered the shield generator structure. They then set up a surprise assault expertly orchestrated to indicate multiple assault teams. In this generated confusion they were able to eliminate the shield generator, remove a large number of hostile combatants from action, and provide cover for FT-Alpha to flank into Parameter three.

Parameter three was accomplished by FT-Alpha in conjunction with FT-Bravo. The target building was more fortified than expected. The tactical ingress to the target building left FT-Alpha in a two front firefight. During the firefight the UC equipped a number of non-combatants. Upon suppression of these enemies I made the decision to select two enemy combatants for an exhaustive debrief.

With the shield generator, chemical sample, and prisoners in tow Tefadzwa called in the necessary air strikes and confirmed that orbital bombardment adequately destroyed the facility high value targets. Thereby completing parameter four.

Parameter five was completed without incident.

Mission completion 2346 Hours


E-4 Pridista commanded her fire team with distinction and to devastating effect.
E-3 Exusia leveraged the close quarters environment to protect the lives of his fire team.
E-3 Arbourne if not already qualified as expert marksman will be after I complete the necessary paperwork.
E-3 Robertson if not already qualified as expert marksman will be after I complete the necessary paperwork.
E-3 Tefadzwa performed exemplary point-man and breach protocols.


E-1 Smith Unsatisfactory and dangerous tactical analysis of facility defenses.



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